Thatching is part of turf upkeep here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Thatching thins puffiness and heavy build up of overly thick lawn rhizomes . It gives turf a chance to grow vertically, while allowing fertilizer and water to filter down to the important root system.
     We have durable lawn thatching machines which thatch while grooming your lawn, leaving it with a neat finish appearance. We supplement our lawn thatching with airifying, fertilizing, and over seeding, when needed. Thatching is a good way to create a seedbed for spring or fall over seeding, which produces visible results in 2 to 4 weeks, under proper conditions.
     We recommend thatching every other year for lawns with heavy buildup.

    Our lawn care program is effective and affordable. Applying four applications per year with slow release, high nitrogen fertilizers, gives the lawn all the nutrients it needs for a well balanced yearly program. Our late spring and fall applications include weed kill, with the highest quality and safest lawn herbicides. Our winter and early spring applications include a healthy ratio of iron for deep green color and moss control. For serious moss problems, ask about our lawn thatching, in spring and fall.